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In Memory of the Greatest Seahawk Fans I Have Ever Known

My Grandparents are the most loyal Seahawk fans I have ever known. Through the good times and the bad times, their pride in the Seahawks never wavered. In fact, in true 12th man spirit, the worse things got, the louder… Continue reading

Merry Super Bowl Everyone!

I woke up this morning, and it felt like Christmas morning when I was a young kid. So full of excitement and anticipation. I have waited most of my life to see the Seattle Seahawks win the Super bowl. We… Continue reading

Seahawks take the NFC! Next stop, Super Bowl

Last night’s game, wow! Was that amazing, or what? Hands down, the best Seahawks game I have ever watched. What a great feeling to watch the Seahawks prove once again that we are ready to take on the Supper Bowl… Continue reading

Set Defer Delivery in Outlook 2007 and 2010

Have you ever sent an e-mail that you wished you hadn’t sent?  It happens quite often, and it recently happened to me. I intended to reply to just one person on a distribution list, but accidently replied to everyone… Continue reading

Karaoke Night at Love’s Landing in Renton, WA.

I am not a big fan of karaoke, and I wouldn’t dare subject innocent people to my singing voice, which I am sure would fall under  Homeland Security’s jurisdiction definition of terrorist crime. I was pleasantly surprised… Continue reading

International Women’s Day 2013

International Women's Day 2013

Today is International Women’s day, and I salute all of the women around the world who fought for equality for women. It has been a long road for women, who until the early 1900′s weren’t even considered real citizens in… Continue reading

Use Password Savvy to make hard-to-hack passwords that are easy to remember

These days, in order to have strong password protection, you have to mix capital letters with lower-case letters, throw in a handful of random numbers, and sprinkle some punctuation around. I typically sit down with a piece of paper and… Continue reading

Get Adobe CS2 Free and Legal

CS2 DownloadAdobe, a leader in graphical and photographic design software, is retiring it’s Adobe Creative Suite 2 package, and taking activation for CS2 off their servers. As a result, Adobe is making the Adobe CS2 Suite available for a… Continue reading

Cycling Trip to Seaside Oregon, 2013

I’ve been wanting to take a trip like this for a long time, but something always got in the way.  Sometime this summer, I am taking a week off from work to ride my bicycle from Renton Washington to Seaside… Continue reading

In the News: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Information Act (CISPA)

CISPA BannerIn light of recent network attacks and the rise in cyber espionage and hacking attacks, CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act, will be reintroduced next week in the House of Representatives. You may recall that CISPA… Continue reading

Download a Windows 7 ISO

Windows 7 LogoMost computer manufactures these days do not ship a Windows 7 DVD with their computers. Instead, they supply an ISO image of the Windows 7 operating system, and leave it to the customer to burn the Windows 7 ISO to… Continue reading

Humor: Michigan Sobriety Test

A Michigan State trooper pulled a car over on US 23 about 2 miles north of the Michigan/Indiana State line. When the trooper asked the driver why he was speeding, the driver said he was a Magician and Juggler and… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year world! Here’s wishing all of us around the world health and happiness. Let’s really try to put aside our differences and embrace our common grounds. Let’s open our hearts and resources to help someone in need. And… Continue reading

Video: The “Java Life” Rap Music Video

This original rap music video made for JavaOne 2011 celebrates the “Java Life”. Dedicated to the developer homies everywhere who code hard day and night. Think Java programmers meet street Hip Hop.

My Skydiving Adventure

It started out with a co-worker and I deciding to go skydiving, and quickly became a company picnic with ten of us, including the president of Puget Systems, going skydiving. For each of us, it was our first time… Continue reading

For foster kids, the holidays can be especially hard -Treehouse For Kids

For kids living in foster care the holidays can be an emotional and confusing time. Many worry about whether they will get to see their parents or their siblings. Most wonder whether they are valued and loved. Foster children ask… Continue reading

Instagram Nickelback Parody Video

Don’t you just love those people who just have to show you their amazing collection of cell-phone photos? Look at this door knob! Look at my feet! Ain’t my cat the coolest  For the record, my cat is… Continue reading

Humor: the Red Binder

There are times when additional support is necessary to get through a grueling day at work. Here’s one suggestion…

A Master Reference binder has been created for all who may need to reference it. Inside this binder you will find… Continue reading

Creating a System Repair CD in Windows 7

If there is one thing that holds true for all operating systems, across all platforms, at some point in time, they crash.  Sadly, Windows is prone to crashing. Well, that’s more true for older versions of Windows than for… Continue reading

Humor: Dirty Dishes

A man is in a position to buy a Harley Davidson, and after much consideration opts for a very nice model. The salesman is very pleased and offers the man a few words of advice. He tells him to always… Continue reading

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